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Star Gazer Jack Horkhiemer is a pre-Sci-Fi Friday Night alumni too. Of course way back when he used to be the "Star Hustler"... Whatever, he's still a pudgy guy in funky track suits who just happens to be our hotline to the weekly procession of the stars.
Nowadays he kicks off he Saturday Night Festivities with his own unique... style? Yeah I guess you could call that style :)

Since Jack has his own home page anyway, most of the following links are to other astronomy related sites.

Visit the Official STARGAZER web site, it's the home of Mr. Horkheimer on the web and features many facts, links, and an archive of STARGAZER Scripts.

Sky and Telescope has a Weekly Sky Guide Or for a day by day Sky Guide you can visit the Abrams Planetarium Skywatcher's Diary.

If you want to learn more all you have to do is remeber that we're all made of STARSTUFF, Imagine the Universe, and Keep Looking Up!

You can even join in the Search for Extra Terestrial Inteligence.

Reccomended sites:

If you are an SFFN fan & have a Stargazer / Astronamy related site you would like listed here, let me know! I'd like to have a list of fan recconmended sites here!

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