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Considering the Doctor has been traveling thru time and space in his TARDIS for 35 years now, it shouldn't be surprising that Doctor Who has been a part of IPTV programming since before thereeven was a Sci-Fi Friday Night and has made the transition to Staurday nights with stately grace.

And it should also be no surprise that there is a large Who presence on the Web. Some people just can't get enough of the good Doctor.

The Nitro Nine Homepage sounds dangerous, but it really is one of the best all around Who sites on the web.

WhoLink is a searchable index of Dr Who Websites, but
Paul "Ozzy" Harman's Web Guide to Doctor Who is the best collection of links to other Dr. Who sites. Period.

The Episode Quick Guide is a quick guide to all the Dr. Who episodes... If you'd like something more in depth, check out A Breif History of Time Travel or if you want to know What stations are playing Doctor Who along with what episodes they are playing visit This Week In Doctor Who! (whichcoincidentally went online the same month back in 98' that sffn.com did!)

The Main Dr. Who FTP Archive is chock full of pictures sounds, videos, Win95 themes, and files of all sorts small and large.

alt.rec.drwho is the Newsgroup dedicated to talking about everything and anything related to Dr Who, including cutting edge rumors, far out theories and plenty of other strangeness.

Recommended sites:

Outpost Gallifrey
The Dr. Who & SF Media Internet News Magazine
Edited by Shaun Lyon
Submitted by Lea Ann Hayes
it's worth a second mention :)

Dr Who Restoration Team!
submitted by Jason via Chat!
No longer available?

Missing Doctor Who Reconstructions & Audios
No longer available?



If you are an SFFN fan & have a Doctor Who site you would like listed here, let me know! I'd like to have a list of fan recommended sites here!

The Dr Who Alliance of North America!

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