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The Invisible Man

Dr Peter Brady's life is changed forever when a lab experiment goes wrong rendering him completely invisible!
This 26 episode series based on H.G. Wells' book of the same name was originally released in 1958. It's not often seen & not talked about much on the Web...
With good reason... IPTV aired the first of two seasons twice, to near universal viewer dismay. It seems this Invisible man garnered few fans, while most considered it outdated , boring, and basically unwatchable, it should be said that IPTV did at least TRY to add something unusual to the SFFN lineup. Unfortunately the Invisible Man didn't live up to any expectations and is now part of the history of SFFN, and most likely not a part of it's Staurday night future.

For starters there's the Internet Movie Database Entry.

Deborah Watling is one of the cast & you might remember her from Doctor Who as Victoria one of the 2nd Doctors companions.


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If you are an SFFN fan & have an Invisible Man Link you would like listed here, let me know!
I'd like to have a list of fan recommended sites here!

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