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sffn.com Alumni!
Are you one of the few, the proud,
the habitual visitors of this website?

If so you might want to get listed here... It's reletively painless & if nothing else it could help to avoid some of those "So who are you, where are you from, how long have you been watching (insert show here)" conversations on the Chat.
Pictures are optional & so are websites... just send whatever you want listed here to trs13@sffn.com


Chat Name: H:)
Real name: Brian Huntley
Location: Clear Lake, IA.
E-mail: h@mach3ww.com
Number of cats: 4 (Two really big ones)
Attending NIACC in Mason City, IA., hope to graduate in May 2000
Hobbies: Music, Sci-fi, surfin' the net looking for cool stuff, working on my Mustang
Comment: Never rub another man's rhubarb.

Name-Jeff Elston
Chat Name-Jeff (yeah, it's pretty unoriginal)
Age-19 (DOB 2/5/82)
Hometown-Omaha, Nebraska
Member-UNIT (Universal Network of Iowan Time Lords) since March 1999
Occupation-Student at Creighton University and work at Super Target
Hobbies-Hanging out, surfin' on the computer, and Doctor Who!
Favorite SFFN Show-Let me think here
...... Doctor Who!
AOL Instant Messenger-l0thplanet (begins with a lowercase L and not the number one)



WarpspeedChat Name: Warpspeed
Age: 30
Home: Chariton, Iowa
Occ: Work for Pella Corp. as Line Engineer/Facilitator
Hobbies: Spending time with my Wife, working with computers, Science Fiction, and target shooting with Coyote........
Favorite shows: Dr.Who, Blakes7, RD, and some Trek
Favorite phrase: "Get the b@$!@&#$ before they get you"
I can be found lurking in the shadows waiting for my prey or trying to get that warp nacelle mounted on my truck..... SFFN Chat has given me the ability to get more quality time from the internet and the opportunity to meet some really interesting people. You ppl are GREAT !!!!!.

Real Name: Kris Day
Chat Name: Smegguy
Age: 14
E-Mail: kris_day@yahoo.com
Home Page: http://www.angelfire.com/id/zigra
Location: Ely, Iowa
AOL Screenname: Smegguy
Fav Show: Red Dwarf (And always will be)
Hobbies: Godzilla, Red Dwarf, Detroit Lions, fishing, the great outdoors



Lea! Real Name:Lea Hays
Chat Name:Leela
Attending: Luther College in Decorah, Iowa

Member: St. Louis Celestial Intervention Agency (since 1996)
The Time Meddlers of L A & The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club
My favourite show is Doctor Who and has been since about 1994... though I came to it long before that... in the days of movie format
Comments: Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things.

Real Name: Archie R. Whitehill
Chat Name: Archie
ICQ: 690441
Age: 24 (Base 24)
Home Page: www.archiewhitehill.net & www.witchone.org
Personal Stats: Married and 8 cats (all indoor!)



Lance!Real Name:Lance Allison
Chat Name:Lance
Home Page:http://www.dorm.org/~lance/
Favorite SFFN show: Red Dwarf (since early 1999)
Comments:Thanks TR for your great site.

Name:Tracy Keleher
Chat Name: Tracy (slaps herself on the wrist for being so uncreative)
Home Constellation: Orion - I think that is somewhere in Illinois
E-mail: campion15@hotmail.com
Blessed with 2 kids & 2 cats
Fave shows: Red Dwarf, Hamish MacBeth
Fave movies: The Full Monty, To Wong Foo
Loves: books (esp. mysteries by Christie,Allingham & Cornwell)
mining the internet for fun & profit
Hates: Intolerance + Ignorance + Broccoli

Secret Desire: a menage a tois with Lister and Cat



JimName: Jim
Chat Name:Jim
Age: 23
Location: Coal Valley, IL
# of Cats: 9
Favorite Show: Red Dwarf
Hobbies: Driving my Impala SS all over the countryside, music, sci-fi stuff, cacti, books, and pizza.
E-mail: BgJimSlade@aol.com
Comments: Reality? What the smeg is that? Kudos to TRS for making this great website!

Lord Fantastic pants and the King

of the Dance

Real Name: Jay Kopecky
Chat Name: Jay or Lord_Fantastic_Pants (usually Jay)
E-Mail: jkopecky@home.com
Favorite SFFN shows: Red Dwarf and Dr Who
Least Favorite SFFN show: Blakes 7
Favorite Star Hustler/Gazer Episode: From 1986 "Let's Go Mooning"
WARNING: The surgeon genral warns that those with weak hearts should avoid Jay's humor. Don't take anything he says or does seriously.


Name: Matthew Healy
Chat Name: Matt or JediMatt0
Favorite Show: Dr. Who (since the early 90's)
Located: Waterloo, Iowa
Age: 20
Comment: British Sci-Fi Rocks!



Real Name: Bruce A. Foust
Chat Name: Webmas12
SFFN show: Dr. Who (long time ago)
Series now: Voyager, and Stargate (was B5 and DS9)
StarBase: Waterloo, Iowa
Wife with 3 Sons; Married Life is Great!
Baseball and SCI FI is LIFE.
Personal Time: All Sci Fi books.


Name: Fredd Gorham
Chat Name: Fredd/Fredd1138
Favorite IPTV show: Dr. Who (since 1975!)
Discovered sffn.com: While recovering from surgery.
Located: Omaha, NE
# of cats: 2
Homepage: http://come.to/utopianhomepresence
Comment: I think I have mood poisoning... must be something I hate...



AndyName: Andy Dorman
email: andy@dorm.org
Birthday: 4/28/87
Chat Name:Andy
Favorite Show: Red Dwarf (since early 1999)
Located: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Hobbies: Computers, American History, Science Fiction
Comments: Sci-Fi Friday Night is GREAT!
Website: http://www.dorm.org/~andy/
ICQ#: 45503175

Name: Paul Arickx
Chat Name: Mothra
Favorite show: Red Dwarf (working on Dr. Who)
Located: Nora Springs, Iowa
Has to like Godzilla, the Green Bay Packers, and Star Wars
Comment: Never has anything interesting to say but listens good. !



Name: Michael Williams
Chat Name: Mike
Fav. Show: Red Dwarf (Since first showing)
Located: Des Moines, IA
# of cats: 1.25
Comments: I like the shows so much I come to this website.
We will all die, so why is everyone so afraid of getting killed?!

Val & SylvCHAT NAME: Valkyrie
IN REAL LIFE: What real life?
FAVOURITE SHOW: Dr. Who (since 1980)
MEMBER (since 1996): Blue Box Companions of Birmingham, AL
OWNED BY: Her Catness, Miss Farnaby ("Thou Shalt Not Have Other Cats Beside Me") HOMEPAGE: http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Nova/9860/
EMAIL: valkyrie@radiks.net
FAVOURITE SAYING: It is easier to get forgiveness than permission.
COMMENT: Thanks, TRS, for creating this little world for us to meet and play in!



Name:James P. Keho
Intrests:All Sci-Fi Hobbies:Hunting,Fishing,Being out doors when I can
Speciality:Chief Armourer For SFFN/Chat
COYOTE'S LAIR (a.k.a. Coyote's website)
Other:I've been watching Sci-Fi on IPTV for many years now since the 1970's,Now haveing fun chatting with every one on sffn chat nite thanks to our host TR P.S. Hope to see all you soon!!!!!!

Litonda K.B. @---)---)----
I have been watching SFFN for 3-4 years, when they still showed the Dr Who shows in movie format.
I just recently got internet and love to chat when I get the chance (or remember, HA).
My chat name is R2D2.
I live in Davenport IA. My favorite show is Dr Who, but I like Red Dwarf also.
My e-mail address is DrWhoFan@juno.com Well I think that's it....



Name: T.R. Sammis
Chat Name: TRS
Favorite show: Dr. Who (since the late 80's)
Located: The Wilds of Northern Iowa
# of cats: 6
Comment: I liked the shows so much I made this website :)