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Blakes 7 has been an underground favorite for a couple of decades now and has rightfully taken its place in the Sci-Fi Friday Night pantheon. Here's hoping it makes it to Saturdays too :)

From the very first episode Roj Blake & company are on the run from the Federation, and are determined to destroy their persecutors. But not if Servalan and her pet psychopath Commander Travis can help it. Few series have the staying power to outlast thier main charachter, but with Avon around who cares if Blake is AWOL?

The grandaddy of all Blakes 7 sites, hawks.ha.md.us/blake7/index.html seems to have dissappeared, but groups like HORIZON and the incomperable http://www.blakes-7.co.uk/ are keeping the spirit alive.

The Blakes 7 Web Ring is your who's who of Blake related sites on the web. The funny thing is, so is The Blakes 7 Ring.
Go figure...

There are Episode Guides, like this one, and this one. Unfortunately the funkiest of them all, Guy's Blake Page. seems to have gone bye bye.. oh well.

The whole gang can be found yakking away at Blakes 7 Sounds.

There's even a Blakes 7 FTP archive with the Blakes 7 Mailing list archive... And thanks to S. Kuske you can You can subscribe to the Blake's 7 list by sending an email message to; blakes7-d-request@lysator.liu.se with a subject of; subscribe... or Clicking here should do it. !

Reccomended site:
Paul James' Blakes 7 Site

Blake's 7 (hermit.org) - Thanks Sheila

If you are an SFFN fan & have more Blakes 7 sites you would like listed here, let me know! I'd like to have a list of fan recconmended sites here!

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