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An edgy paranoid look into experimental drug testing gone wrong, Oktober has graced IPTV twice. Based on a novel of the same name by Stephen Gallagher, Oktober the mini-series / movie features Stephen Tompkinson, of Ballykissangel fame, as English teacher Jim Harper living in Switzerland who lets his gonads get him into one heck of a situation. While attending a conference particularly to catch the eye of his special lady friend he falls afoul of security guards, is badly beaten and becomes the unwitting test subject of a drug which brings him back to life, but also links his mind to every other test subject whose taken the drug - including some nasty snarly Siberian Huskies. With the drug company out to keep him quite, Jim heads back to England, but who can he trust?

Oktober has been rightly praised and you can also find more info about it's author on his spiffy website and Stephen Tompkinson's involvement.

Astute Doctor Who fans will no doubt recognize Stephen Gallagher as the writer of the 4th Doctor Story "Warriors Gate" and the 5th Doctor story "Terminus".

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If you are an SFFN fan & have an Oktober Link you would like listed here, let me know!


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