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Space Island One

Unity Station, high above the Earth is fufilling the promise of an international manned space station. In a way it could be a glimpse of things to come early next century.

You could even call it "Real World in space" because it essentially deals with the "intimate details" of seven people living aboard an orbital platform coping with everyday life more often than spectacular disasters.

Since the series has only been around a couple of years and not very widely released, there isn't actually all that much information to dish out about it :( However it has been praosed as being "cerebral" and definiley has it's fans. Of course it also has it's detractors but then again, don't we all ;)

Originally IPTV aired the first season twice before taking the show off the air for quite a while then finally did get around to showing the second season.

Unfortunately the best source of information appears to be DOWN... but you can try for yourself... John K's Space island One Pages
features a series overview, episode listing, crew bios, a resources page & more!

There IS an official page www.spaceislandone.com, but it never seems to be up :(

Mark Lambert was nice enough to pass alonge some active SIO links :) Unfortunately most have gone dark :( All that's left is an Episode Guide.

Meanwhile the Island of Man is trying to get other shows filmed there touting Space Island One as one of thier sucesses.

There's First Drama's review of SIO and another in German.

And with the lack of SIO links you might enjoy the Island One Society - "...intended as a meeting place for future space colonists and business..."

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