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Star Cops

Although Star Cops origionally ran in 1987, 2002 marks it's first appearance on IPTV. Comparisons have been made to shows such as Doctor Who and Blakes 7, not for the quality or type of show but mainly because of Star Cops creator - Chris Boucher who wrote five episodes of Star Cops as well as three noteworthy Doctor Who Episodes and being the script editor during the entire run of Blakes 7.

Set in 2027 & following a multinational conglomeration of police officers, Star Cops is probably more closely related to Space Island One. They both seem to shate the charictaristics of being "hard" science fiction (no force fields warp drive ect.), relatively slow pacing, and a lack of viewers that lead to early cancellation.

The best Star Cops web page is undoubtedly WWW.STARCOPS.COM
with episode descriptions, interviews, articles, heck, just about everything there is to know about the series - all in one spot.

sh:Whom has a brief episode Guide. And there's more similar info here.

along with information on Star Cops novelisations and a list of every actor in the series, there's even a review of the Star Cops Theme Song.

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