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Here's a rundown of IPTV's Festival 2002
Sci Fi saturday Night programming!

Please remeber to pledge your $upport to
$ci-Fi $aturday Night...
IPTV can't run the $how$ without our contribution$.

Hey we even got a couple of pictures form Sat March 9th!
Group shot and me with my scarf (thanks Ambr!)

Saturday March 2nd
10:30 Doctor Who: Caves of Androzani -pt.1
11:00 Doctor Who: Caves of Androzani -pt.2
11:34 Doctor Who: Caves of Androzani -pt.3
12:14 Doctor Who: Caves of Androzani -pt.4
Saturday March 9th
11:00 Red Dwarf: Red Dwarf A-Z
11:45 Doctor Who: 30 Years in the TARDIS
Saturday March 16th
11:00 Star Cops: Instinct for Murder
12:00 Star Cops: Conversation with the Dead

And be Sure to Check out IPTV.ORG
for FULL Festival 2002 programming!!!

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