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3-16-2021: a few touch ups and saying bye to the forum

Be sure to visit the Facebook page of U.N.I.T.

And check out the Mike Frisbee tribute page - Mike was our on air guide to Sci Fi Friday Night, he was a really cool guy :)

5-11-2020: Nice to see a new remeberance
...and yes this site is Antiquated :)


Visit the Universal Network of Iowan Timelords Home Page

Welcome, Web Denizens, to the the
UN-official Sci-Fi SATURDAY Night home page!

Welcome to the ghost town...
Sadly I don't have time for many new changes
or updates, the forum has been closed, the
schedule is
best found on IPTV's pages.

If you want to drop me a line for old times sake, please feel free.

The Golden Dalek

The current lineup features Jack Horkheimer the Stargazer,and Doctor Who.
WTF happened to SFFN? it's time had come and gone apparently leaving only Jack horkhimer as a companion during what seemed to be a final running of Doctor Who - Only 2 public television stations in the US were showing the classic Doctor Who series... Things looked grim indeed!

But then, a NEW SERIES of Doctor Who was produced and gained popularity in England, abroad, and finally in the US! IPTV was one of the stations lucky enough to be able to afford the 1st season of the new series and has treated its viewers to the new series and a couple episodes of teh old series every week!

Now if only they could get Red Dwarf back in the mix ;)

In case you're a newcomer here's the lowdown: The goal of this site is to help maintain and promote Science Fiction programming on Iowa Public Television. While IPTV has moved their Sci-Fi programming to SATURDAY nights, the primary domain of this website will remain www.sffn.com - although you can now access it via sfsn.net & sfsn.org as well. (I let those domains fade out of existence)

Currently you can check out the Weekly Program Schedule with links to beefy episode guides, or check out the sections devoted to the Shows of SFSN. The SFSN Community is made up of the Forum where you can post messages, the Chat page where you can actually chat with real live viewers of the show every Friday (and hopefully SATURDAY) night, and the Mailing List keeps you up to date & in touch via e-mail. Sffn Alumni is for those brave souls who want to admit their faith and devotion to SFSN while the Community Info section will hopefully have links lists & descriptions of events & organizations important to SFSN fans. The Miscellaneous category has some explanation about What SFSN is & How this site came into existence, as well as an Archive of old stuff and of course more about your egomaniac host.

Here's to the acceptance as "teh" as a real word!


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