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November 19th






Red Dwarf

The Last Day

Sure Kryten's a bit wonky, but who would've thunk he had an expiration date?
Dave decides to make Krytens last day one to remember, leaving the gang a bit woozy when Krytens psychotic replacement arrives.



Dr Who

Invasion of the Dinosaurs 2 of 6

Dinosaurs in London? At least UNIT is on the case... and with the Doc finally there to help out maybe, just maybe they will be able to discover why the long extinct reptiles are popping up all over.



Dr Who

Invasion of the Dinosaurs 3 of 6

The Doc wants to prove the Dinosaurs are purpousfully being displaced in time. All he needs is to be able to monitor a dissappearing dino... Yeah, that'll be a piece of cake.



Space Island One


A piece of cold war paranoia catches up to UNITY as a dormant, presumed long lost, anti-missile platform decids UNITY could be a threat. Too bad the controllers & designers of the malfunctioning menace are nowhere to be found.

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