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November 12th






Red Dwarf


More time travelling fun from the people who brought you Beer Milkshakes!
Kryten finds some funky picture developing fluid that turns photos into intradimentional portals. Will the gang use the fluid for humanitarian reasons, or pettily squander thier opportunities & try to make themselves rich?



Dr Who

The Time Warrior 4 of 4

The Doctor & his allies come up with a plan to thwart Lynx & Inrongron, but can they put it into action before Lynx takes off. BTW Lynx taking off is bad since it his ship will destroy Irongrons castle in the process.



Dr Who

Invasion of the Dinosaurs 1 of 6

IPTV was kind enough to bring in a "Revisioned" copy of the show so we actually get to see episode 1! Hurray!
The center of London has been evacuated & Dinosaurs are running amok, but will the Doc & Sarah make it out alive to find the reason???



Space Island One


Walter gets his in the form of a stroke while Lyle, Harry & Kathryn subject themselves to new drugs in a lifepod experiment. Did I mention that everyone else could be put in danger thanks to the stations new laser defense system?

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