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November 5th






Red Dwarf


With a ship malfunction threatening to blow everyone to kingdom come the boys resort to an experimental procedure which just may save them but could allow Rimmer to wreak some serious havok on Lister.



Dr Who

The Time Warrior 2 of 4

The Doctor gets branded as a wizard in his quest to find the time travelling Sontaran Linx. Sarah, on the other hand needs some serious convincing that she's not actually in a theme park.



Dr Who

The Time Warrior 3 of 4

Irongron obviously has enemies & any enemy of his could very well be an ally for the Doctor... that is if Sarah doesn't convince them he's the one to blame for the whole mess first.
Amazing how some companions start out being more trouble than they are worth...



Space Island One

The Third Man

Sounds like a tasty tale tonite as a the previoulsly mentioned Clementine probe returns to Unity. The big questions are why did the mission fail, how did the survivors make it back and what happened to Novak?

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