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October 29th






Red Dwarf


Nothing like a shape changing psychotic emotion sucking monstrosity to lighten up the day. Get ready to laugh yourself silly as the Polymorph wreaks havok on the Dwarf boys.



Dr Who

The Green Death 6 of 6

Global Chemicals is on the verge of taking over the world, but with a little help from some freaky fungus and an alien crystal the Doc may yet be able to save the day.
But win or loose, Jo is still leaving.



Dr Who

The Time Warrior 1 of 4

UNIT is having the Doctor investigate the mysterious dissappearance of scientists from a top security laboratory. The same story a plucky journalist named Sara Jane Smith has infiltrated the compoound to cover.



Space Island One

Spring Fever

The Captain is on vacation, Shannon has taken over the station, Lyle is trying to save the Roams from obselescence and Paula is going to do whatever it takes to seduce Dusan.

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