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October 22nd






Red Dwarf


Holly makes a little mistake which sends the crew running for thier lives and leaves Dave & Rimmer marooned on a frozen world, with no power no food, no heat...
Surely Kryten and The Cat will come to thier rescue, but how long can lister last without food?



Dr Who

The Green Death 4 of 6

Ooo Maggots, lots of maggots, chemically altered nasty growling snarling maggots sperading an incurable disease. Can a cure to the disease be found? Not without sacrafice and luck... keep your fingers crossed!



Dr Who

The Green Death 3 of 6

Maggots are bad enough, but what they evolve into is even worse. Global Chemicals isn't all that concerned as BOSS has biogger fish to fry, namely the takeover of the world economy and the enslavement of people everywhere.



Space Island One


Lyle gives one of the Roams a chip enhancement that may turn out to cause some problems but could they be any worse than having UNITY visited by a Funeral Director?

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