Program Schedule
June 25th

10:30 StarGazer    
10:35 Red Dwarf Krytie TV Kryten is fed up with being classified as a woman forced to participate in such banal activity as womens shower time, an activity any Canary would give his left arm to be witness to...
And with a little creative re-programming some of the Canaries are going to make thier wishes come true!
11:05 Dr Who The Sea Devils
episode 4 of 6

Escaping from the Master is one thing, but defeating him is the real problem. Especially when he's got a group of revenge minded Sea Devils on hand to do all the dirty work.

11:30 Dr Who The Sea Devils
episode 5 of 6
Diplomatic as always, the Doctor thinks he can get the humans and the Sea Devils to live together in peace... Uh huh... yep... just like he got he Silurians & Humans to settle thier differences :)
11:55 Blakes 7 Assassin Servalan is down to hiring assassins to deal with Avon & Co. which leaves the gang with no recourse but to try to find the assasin before the assasin finds them.
You might find old Nebrox to look a bit framilliar... think Dr Who 5 Doctors Special. Richard Hurndall took over the roll of the First Doctor in William Hartnells absence.

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