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April 30th

10:30 StarGazer    
10:35 Red Dwarf Only the Good Can you imagine a parallel univers where RIMMER is actually in Charge of Red Dwarf?
Ahhh, why strain your brain, tune in & see it for yourself :)
11:05 Dr Who Planet of the Daleks
episode 2 of 6

The Doc's doing much better this week & getting to know some Thalls. Jo's fungal infection is getting worse but an invisible native helps her out.

11:30 Dr Who Planet of the Daleks
episode 3 of 6
Will IPTV show Episode 3? The BBC finally released it in Black & white (since the color copy got flushed) but this would be the first time it's aired here.
If not all I know is that the Doc escapes from the Daleks, a Thall Space ship crashes & Jo is hanging out with her invisible freinds.
11:55 Blakes 7 Death-Watch Meet Deeta Tarrant, First Champion of Teal,(not to be confused with his brother Del Tarrant - outlaw criminal) who's about to get a little more than he bargained for from the First Champion of Vandor thanks to a certain commander in chief of the Federation.

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