Program Schedule
April 23rd

10:30 StarGazer    
10:35 Red Dwarf Pete Pt.1 Yep, tonite should be Pete PART1. Everyone cross your fingers :)
Reminder Pete pt 1 AND 2 will be shown back to back Saturday Night starting at 11:40
Thank Qixotl & UNIT-1 for the info...
11:05 Dr Who The Silurians
episode 7 of 7

Thankfully we reach the end of the Silurians... whew those wacky "3 eye" vies were starting to get to me.

11:30 Dr Who Planet of the Daleks
episode 1 of 6
More IPTV Dr. who "specials"... tonite we jump ahead to Planet of the Daleks and hopefully next week we will get to see the mysterious 3rd episode. apparent;y it only exists in B&W (or did) and BBC just left it out of the "movie format" shows.
Unfortunately Planet of the Daleks picks up where Frontier in Space leaves off, which means the Doc is in BAD shape & Jo goes wandering around on an alien planet to try & find help.
11:55 Blakes 7 Moloch Chasing Servelan, for a change, the Liberator runs into an invisible planet. And some headaches from Moloch.

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