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April 2nd

10:30 StarGazer    
10:35 Red Dwarf Cassandra Is Holly up to his old tricks or what?
Dave joins "the Canaries" an all convict strike squad.
11:05 Dr Who The Silurians
episode 1 of 7

Sure we didn't watch this one all that long ago... and sure it was in color last time too, but IPTV is on a remastered Dr. Who kick so hey, why complain?
Liz in color Liz in color - Drool :p

11:30 Dr Who The Silurians
episode 2 of 7
Oh yeah... the plot :)
A government power research center is experiencing some odd problems which Unit the DOc & Liz go to check out.
11:55 Blakes 7 Rumors of Death Ok all you Avon fans, this is it!
Take a big ol' peek into Avons past as he tracks down the killers of his one true love!
And I don't mean Sevelan... though she pops up tonite too :)

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