Program Schedule
March 5th
Note! 2 Dwarfs & One Who this week!!!

10:30 StarGazer    
10:35 Red Dwarf Duct Soup Kochanski faces her rites of passage aboard Starbug as the heating system (not to mention Kryten) goes wonky.
10:35 Red Dwarf Blue Missing Rimmer?
Dave is... But Kryten develops a shure fire cure.
Ladies & Gentlemen - The Rimmer Experience!
11:05 Dr Who The Daemons
episode 5 of 5
Ok, let's see, this massive nasty Daemon is going to either destroy the planet or pass his power to the Doctor. But the Doctor says no & the Master is 2nd in line and... Jo saves the day. No I'm reading this wrong... that just can't be right.
11:55 Blakes 7 Children of Auron Well Servalan is back (did she ever leave?) with another plot to capture the Liberator, this time it involves Genocide with Callys poeple as the targets!

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