Program Schedule
January 29th
Tonite's shows are DELAYED by Wrestling!!!

11:30 StarGazer    
10:35 Red Dwarf Rimmerworld Everyone who loves it when Rimmer catches it in the pants be sure to catch tonites show!
After abandoning the others on a disintigrating Simulant ship, Rimmer is sucked into a wormhole and has to wait 600 or so years to be rescued... heh.
12:05 Dr Who Colony in Space
episode 1 of 6
The Timelords send the Doctor and an unwilling Jo Grant to a small colony in the 25th century. Imagine how ticked teh Brig is going to be...
12:30 Dr Who Colony in Space
episode 2 of 6
Things couldn't be crummier for the colonists as a lizard beast kills a couple of the settlers & the Doc points out that thier farming venture has failed. Oh and IMC is waiting like a vulture in the wings.
12:55 Blakes 7 Powerplay Say hello to Tarrant... Hey, why is he holding a gun on Avon & Dayna? And what happened to Villa & Cally? Why ask why? watch the show & find out!

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