Program Schedule
January 1st

10:30 StarGazer    
10:35 Red Dwarf Psirens Having lost Red Dwarf and just having woken up from Cryo Sleep the Dwarfers are lured into an asteroid belt by the deadly seductive Psirens.
11:05 Dr Who The Mind of Evil
episode 3 of 6
The masters Nefarious plot to take over the world is unfurling with potentially nasty consequences for the Doc...
But check out the way he smooths things out with Fu-Peng...
11:30 Dr Who The Mind of Evil
episode 4 of 6
It's Lockown time as the Master & thugs take over Stangmoor... too bad the Keller machine is getting hungry:)
11:55 Blakes 7 Gambit Villa goes gambling with a miniaturized Orac... Talk about breaking the bank!

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