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December 11th
Maybe tonight should be Sci-Fi SATURDAY Night...
Thanks to Wrestling and a special report on the Clinton Impeachment hearing
SFFN gets put back till 12:05 AM Saturday Morning!
And for some reason Dr Who is not on at all!

I should note that I'm taking this info from the IPTV Online Schedule
If I were you I'd be ready for anything...

??? StarGazer    
12:05 Red Dwarf Quarantine Ladies, gentlemen, tonite for your viewing pleasure Red Dwarf would like to present the long awaited return of ...Drum roll please!
Mr. Flibble!
And he is VERY Cross!
N/A Dr Who Well Dr. Who gets bumped tonite folks... sure it's a bummer, but what can ya do?
12:35 Blakes 7 Hostage Travis gets desperate & claims to want to join Blake & Co...
Smells like a Federation Ambush to me!
Especially when Travis is holding Blakes Cousin Hostage.

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