Program Schedule
October 23th

10:30 StarGazer    
10:35 Red Dwarf Justice Meet the Simulants! Tonight the Dwarf Boys try to escape nasty horrible death by taking refuge on Justice World.
Lister may be worried about his shady past, but it's Rimmer who'se facing Final Judgement.
11:05 Dr Who The Ambasadors
of Death

episode 3 of 7
Mars probe made it down & the Doc managed to get it back to base safely, but where the heck are the crew?!?!?
11:30 Dr Who The Ambasadors
of Death

episode 4 of 7
The baddies are planning a hit on the Doc as one of thier numbers goes to spill the beans. Seems they have everything going their way... heck they even have Liz!
11:55 Blakes 7 Redemption Ever wonder who built the Liberator???
Last week Orac predicted the destruction of the Liberator. Tonight the SYSTEM strikes, leaving Blacke & company helpless in the grip of fate... Can Orac save the day?

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