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December 03, 1999
Doctor Who airs 5 episodes tonight!






Red Dwarf


Sure mucking about with DNA is a pretty controversial subject these days & will probably become even moreso in the decades to come...
But the best evidence AGAINST it would have to be what happens to the Dwarf Boys tonight.



Dr Who

Invasion of the Dinosaurs 6 of 6

All mad schemes come to an end at some point, and this one is ready to burst. There's a lot more on the line than just some silly dinosaurs in London... Especially when the time warper thingie the baddies are using threatens to go wonky & take out everything!



Dr Who

Death to the Daleks 1 of 4

What starts out as a vacation strands the TARDIS powerless on the desolate planet Exxilon. Of course the locals are hostile and even the other stranded humans aren't all that friendly. But they need all the help they can get to retrieve the mineral parrinium to a cure space plague which is wreaking havoc throughout the cosmos.



Dr Who

Death to the Daleks 2 of 4

Everyone's favorite pepper pots hit the scene ready to duke it out for the parrinium but even they are succeptible to the power drain. Any bets on just how long that will keep them from coming up with new weapons & enslaving the Exxilons.



Dr Who

Death to the Daleks 3 of 4

The energy drain that's spoiling everyone's game is coming from the giant abandoned city of the Exxilons & the Doctor is bound to figure out why. Of course he'll have to stay one step ahead of the Daleks and keep from falling victim to some pretty sneaky booby traps first.



Dr Who

Death to the Daleks 4 of 4

Taking a page from the Brigadeers book, the Daleks get fed up with the city & blow up the antenna that was draining all the power. With thier power back, is there anything that can stop them from hoarding the parrinium and controlling the galaxy?
Gee, I sure hope so ;)

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