Sci-Fi Friday Night
Program Schedule
Festival 99
March 19th

10:40 Red Dwarf Back in the Red
Part 1
The gang is back in the red... Dwarf that is!
Amazing what some spare nanobots can do when they put thier minds to it :)
11:20 Red Dwarf Back in the Red
Part 2
12:00 Red Dwarf Can't Smeg Won't Smeg Kryten Lister Rimmer & Duane Dibbley ion a cook off?!?!?!
12:35 Red Dwarf Red Dwarf A-Z The only connection Patrick Stewart should ever have to Red Dwarf...
????? Dr Who Webcast! No Who on IPTV tonite, but you can check out the BBC's Red Nose Day Dr. Who Special Featuring Rowin Atkinson via Real Video!
Blakes 7 will not be a part of Festival this year, but will return to it's normal time slot on 4-2-99

You can also visit the honest to goodness IPTV programming schedule...

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