Sci-Fi Friday Night
Festival 99!

Here's Who
TR Sammis 12th & 19th

Fredd Gorham 19th

James Keho (Coyote) 12th & 19th

Charlotte & Alyxx12th

Jeremy Bement 12th & 19th

Did I forget to list you here?


Well Festival 99 was swell, but since the swelling's gone down (and I got my pictures developed) I figured I should update this page...

Here are the few Pics that came out well enough to scan in... I should have used my flash more often but the one time I did someone seemed a bit ticked about it.

FrisbeeHere's a gang of the faithful from the 12th
from left:
Front row - TRS, Mike Frsbee, Lea's Grandmother & Lea
Back Row - Charlotte, James (aka Coyote)& Jeremy Bement.

CoyoteLea was kind enough to send in some pictures from the 12th! Long time fan finally hooking up with other Iowa Whovians :)
FrisbeeThis is Jeremys Tardis... Click for a bigger pic of Jeremy & Charlotte sharing a tender moment... CoyoteIf you've been on the chat you've probably talked with Coyote... Here's a blurry pic of the unstoppable one himself with his "long lost cousin".
FrisbeeWe see him floating around every week... Here's a pick of the amazing Mike Frisbee unusually grounded. FreddAnother old hat on the chat, Fredd was a real blast to hang out with. It figures that this is the only pic I got of him in action.
ALIEN!!!Of all the toys in the set I wound up sitting between the Alien & a Tribble... Oddly enough I think this guy had better luck on the phones than I did. JeremyHere's another really blurry pic, this time of Jeremy Bemmet. He's been to the chat a few times & someday if I figure out how to get it to work on Web TV he'll be there more often (I think).
A KlingonA Klingon in Iowa?!?!? Yeah, well there were a couple at Festival on the 19th... This is shortly before one of the attempted acts of Tribblecide. A ComputerWhy do I have a picture of this otherwise unremarkable computer? Well I thought it was cool that it was just off camera & was "tuned in" to :) Even better, they let us chat on it during the shows!
The RobotThe Robot! Of all the toys in the place this one got the most attention... if you were watching the show you might have seen a close-up of it's arms popping out & going all boingy. What you didn't see was half the phone callers laughing their heads off after it happened. Lord of the DanceI almost forgot this specially requested pic... There IS a good explanation but I don't think I should go into that here.
Click on the pics for enlargements...
Like I needed to tell you that...

Here's the list of shows that were on during Festival... or that were supposed to be on... Never did check my Curse of Fenric tape to determine if it was the long or short version.

3/12/99 - FESTIVAL
11:20 DR WHO: THE CURSE OF FENRIC - 1 of 4 - "Restored"
11:50 DR WHO: THE CURSE OF FENRIC - 2 of 4
12:30 DR WHO: THE CURSE OF FENRIC - 3 of 4
12:55am DR WHO: THE CURSE OF FENRIC - 4 of 4

3/19/99 - FESTIVAL
10:40 RED DWARF: "Back in the Red" #801 - NEW
11:20 RED DWARF: "Back in the Red" #802 - NEW
12:20am RED DWARF: "Canít Smeg, Wonít Smeg" - NEW Anniversary Special
12:55am RED DWARF: "Red Dwarf A-Z"- NEW Anniversary Special

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