www.sffn.com Development & Concepts

The origins of sffn.com go back to 1998 & actually predate the domain name.

For your perusal, I have uploaded some early developmental images and snapshots of the site from 1998 1999 and 2001. - the site hardly changed in 2000, though that's when a lot of the "concepts" were done.

Here's a snapshot of the first Sci Fi
Friday Night web page.

Here's the First and second
Doctor Who concept pages
which hint at the thankfully abandoned
idea of naming each show page like
Jack Horkhimers "Romper Room",
Blakes 7 "Transporter",
Red Dwarf's "Drive Room"
and the Dr Who "D-mat zone"

How many folks remeber
these original Pages?
Home Page
Red Dwarf
Doctor Who
Blakes 7
The Forum
Other Shows (came along later)

And the ever annoying
disclaimer pop-up!

The "shaped" menus were my favorite feature.


a bit over a year after the initial pages went online v2.0 came along &
established the layout look & feel for years to come.
In fact aside from a few small tweeks it looks the same as the 2001 pages below.

v2.0 First Home Page
Banner Page
What is Sci FI Friday Night
New Show template page
And a rejected idea that gave way
to the pull down menu navigation
at the bottom ot eachpage

The menu effects again are my favorite bits of the site and are themain reason I ran into problems trying to push for a V3.0 - I could never come up with a better menu (as you'll see below)


Small changes occured over the following years, mainly the airing of new shows on IPTV, the changing of chat systems, the search feature, the scrolling update box, the removal and eventual return of the poll.
Remarkably, despite the lack of changes, sffn.com received the Golden Dalek Award for 2001.

Then late in 2001 SFFN fans were thrown a curve ball when IPTV moved the programs to SATURDAY nights and renamed the program block to Sci Fi Saturday Night...

Home Page (rolloedover)
Weekly Schedule
Red Dwarf
Doctor Who
Space Island One
Show Links
Mailing List
The Forum
Chat Page & Chat Applet
Other LInks


And finally we come to aborted Logo designs and menu concepts that never made it to the site...
Somewhere bewteen Interesting and frightening mostly.
And to think these were the BEST ones...

A couple Logos I actually liked.
One more that almost made the grade.
A huge pair of logos demonstrating an interesting effect.
A ho hum title trying to incorporate the moonrock background.

Here's a horizontally striped Menu Bar.
Another nasty horizontal menu - what was I thinking?

An interesting but abandoned vertical menu idea.

A pair of logos and a menu bar made when I knew
the change was being made to Saturday Night
(hard to see, but I tried to incorporate
the moonrock in the menu)

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