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December 24, 1999
IPTV is wishing you a
Merry Christmas with
a six pack of Red Dwarf!

"Christmas Eve with
Red Dwarf"






Red Dwarf

White Hole

Kryten has a plan to return Hollys supergenius intelligence. It could mean the answer to all of the Dwarfers problems, but instead leads to near disaster as the ship encounters a deadly enigmatic White Hole.



Red Dwarf

Dimension Jump

Some theory's of the nature of the universe stipulate the existence of alternate dimensions. The Dwarfers have experienced alternate dimensions before, but now they are going to experience the phenomena best known as "Ace RImmer" (What a guy!)



Red Dwarf


Kryten finds an experimental device in the Science labs on Red Dwarf. It just happens to be a really neato transporter. Grab a paddle, press the button & blip, you're somewhere else.
Their first jaunt leads to serious weirdness on a theme-park-planet run amok.



Red Dwarf


Red Dwarf encounters a Holoship crewed by the best and brightest Holograms in existence. Rimmer wants to join them, but does he stand any kind of chance?



Red Dwarf

The Inquisitor

A time & space traveling nightmare has deiced to play the Dwarfers a visit. It's purpose, cull people who have led wasted lives to make room for more worthwhile ones. Even worse it makes each of it's potential victims judge itself. It's a dark dark day for the Dwarf boys.



Red Dwarf


Rimmer gets stuck on a psi-moon where his subconscious takes over the surroundings. Kryten barely escapes to warn Dave & the Cat, but can they even hope to rescue Rimmer from The Unspeakable One?

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