Sci-Fi Friday Night
Program Schedule
Festival 99
March 12th

10:40 Red Dwarf Smeg Ups Goofs & Bloopers from the Red Dwarf gang!
11:20 Dr Who The Curse
of Fenric

episode 1 of 4

Why are the Doctor and Ace visiting England during the 2nd World War?
Considering it's the 7th Doctor you can bet your sweet bippy it's not just a stop for tea!

Find out tonite as IPTV airs all four episodes of the "Restored" Curse of Fenric!

11:50 Dr Who episode 2 of 4
12:30 Dr Who episode 3 of 4
12:55 Dr Who episode 4 of 4
Blakes 7 will not be a part of Festival this year, but will return to it's normal time slot on 4-2-99

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