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October 15th






Red Dwarf


Read that opening title sequence very quickly or you'll miss out on what happened to Listers babies, how Kryten came back and why Holly now looks like Hilly.Which has little to do with how the whole gang winds up on Earth with time running backwards.
Santa Claus -- what a bastard!



Dr Who

The Green Death 2 of 6

Did I say last week was the start of The Planet of the Daleks? OOPS! Maybe you remember right after Festival when The Planet of the Daleks was featured out of sequence as a special... maybe not... Well that's why it's being skipped this time round.
So that means that the Doc & Jo aren't battling Daleks this week, but are pitching in to help world ecology by getting to the root of pollution by Global Chemicals. Poor ol' Bert.



Dr Who

The Green Death 3 of 6

Mmmmm Fungus. Food of the futrue you know! Unfortunately the peaceful enlightened future forseen by Professor Jones and his following at the Nuthutch has no place in the world according to Global Chemicals or thier mysterious leader.



Space Island One

The Barrier of Second Attention

Ooo can you say spooky? There's this wierd pyramid thingie forcing the crew to confront thier fears as dreams/nightmares and maybe if they are really lucky it will completely screw up the life support systems too!

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