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Red Dwarf

Parallel Universe

This show at the end of Season II answers one of the more interesting questions posed in Red Dwarf Season I "How does Lister wind up with 2 infant sons in deep space with no mother?"
In a way you could say it's Hollys fault for developing the awesomely powerful Holly Hop Drive and shunting the whole of Red Dwarf into a Parallel Universe.
The Real answer is much less savory...



Dr Who

Frontier in Space 6 of 6

In what should lead to the triumph of the Terrans and Draconians over the Masters and the Ogrons, a new force enters the fray. Even the Doctor is caught off guard by the Masters co-conspiritors.
Unfortunately this is the last episode with Roger Delgado as the Master. Having expressed a desire to leave the series a future show had been planned to "kill off" the Master but unfortunately something even worse happened as Mr. Delgado died in a freak car accident in Turkey.



Dr Who

Planet of the Daleks 1 of 6

Planet of the Daleks is really a continuation of Frontier in Space, the second half of what was planned to be a 12 part story arc. Unfortunately due to cost constraints, the Master, Ogrons and Draconians were all left out of this story fracturing the continuity quite a bit
So that means it will just be the Doctor, Jo, and a few Thals going toe to toe with an entire army of Daleks on a deadly planet peopled by invisible aliens.



Space Island One

Crew Test

The crew gets put under the microscope as the Company evaluatior drops in to make sure everyone really belongs on Unity, and to determine if some cutbacks could be made. Of course you could cut the tension with a knife as some of the crew overreact...

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