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September 17th






Red Dwarf

Thanks for the Memory

Lister makes the mistake of actually trying to help Rimmmer out of his "deathday" doldrums with painful and somewhat mysterious consequences.



Dr Who

The Carnival of Monsters 4 of 4

Outside the Scope, the Doctor takes command but still needs help defeating the blood thirsty Drashigs.



Dr Who

Frontier in Space 1 of 6

Ah the grand epic begins...
The Doctor & Jo avoid crashing into a space freighter by materializing inside it. Unfortunately the freighter is then attacked by the Draconians. Or is it? There's a high pitched noise in the air & it has "mind controll" written all over it.



Space Island One


Ah the retun of a Mars probe should be a happy thing right? Not when it's carrying some nasty little microbes ready to wreak havok & kill everyone dead dead dead.
Did I mention Harry's personal dilemma?

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