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September 10th
So far people seem to like Space Island One






Red Dwarf

Better Than Life

A mail pod catches up with Red Dwarf bringing with it a letter for Rimmer and the latest in total immersion video games - Better Than Life.
And you Red Dwarf book readers out there know how insidious that can be!



Dr Who

The Carnival of Monsters 2 of 4

As if being trapped in one time looped reality wasn't enough, the Doctor and Jo are in a machine with multiple "prisons" including the home of the horribly horrendous terifyingly viscious sock puppets... I mean Drashigs!



Dr Who

The Carnival of Monsters 3 of 4

Of course everything is just as screwy outside the Scope as it is inside... What with paranoid aliens, a potential worker rebellion and a power hungry politician... Maybe the Doc would have been better off inside the machine with the Drashigs. Especially since the viscious beasts are bound wreak havok until they find him anyway.




Space Island One

All the News That Fits

As if living in Unity wasn't enough of a pressure cooker, the crew get to endure the added scrutiny of a reporter researching the station and the lives of it's crew. Can anyone say "TENSION"?

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