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August 28th
Sci-Fi Friday night is now back to "normal"- at least untill next week's debut of Space Island One...






Red Dwarf


Lister has been duped into effewctively cloning Rimmer! twice the Rimmer = twice the smeg! Of course Rimmers "dream come true" turns into a nightmare as Rimmer discoveres he can't even get along with himself.



Dr Who

The Three Doctors 2 of 3

The Time lords were desperate for help and enlisted the aid of not only the third Doctor, but the Second and the first as well. But can the power of three Doctors stand up to a universe of antimater and it's deranged ruler?



Dr Who

The Three Doctors 3 of 4

One of the greatest figures in Time Lord History was the brilliant stellar engineer Omega who gave his life to empower the Time Lords. However Omega wasn't killed millenia ago and is indeed alive and ready to kick some Time lord butt. Sure the Doctor wants to stop the rampaging madman, but how do you fight someone whis holding the universe you're standing in together through sheer force of will?




Down Street

Having sucesfully found the key for the Angel Islington Door, Richard, and Hunter have to traverse the deadly Down Street. In theory The Marquis could help, if he hadn't been butchered by Croup & Vandemere. But even the Marquis wouldn't stand a chance against the traitor in thier midst.




As Above, So Below

Croup & Vandemere have captured Door & left Hunter her prized weapon, the one she betrayed her companions for. Too bad for Hunter she realy doesn't have the skills to kill the legendary Beast which leaves Richard and a mostly dead Marquis to rescue the lady door from a not so Angelic Islington.

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