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August 20th
Iowa State Fair coverage is altering the schedule a bit tonite, Sci-Fi Friday Night WILL start at it's regular time, but Dr. Who will not be seen this week!
Filling Dr. Who's time slot will be additional State Fair coverage followed by Neverwhere.






Red Dwarf

Confidence and Paranoia

Lister finds out that in space no one can hear you "Cha cha cha" as he contracts a mutated virus releasing personifications of his own confidence and paranoia.



Dr Who

Iowa State Fair 99

State fair coverage is prempting Dr Who tonite so you'll have to wait till lext week to see parts 2 & 3 of the Three Doctors...




Earls Court to Isllington

The quest to find the Angel Islington leads the gang to Earls Court where the Marquis is forced to depart the group. Door learns of a gateway to Islington in the British Museum. Hunter refuses to leave the underground leaving Door & Richard to confront Islington alone.





The Angel Islington bids Door & Richard retrieve a key held by the Blackfriars. Richard alone can retreive the key but the trial drives most men to death. Meanwhile the Marquis confronts Croup & Vandemar with disasterous results and has to run for his life before discovering who hired them.

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