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August 13th
Sci-Fi Friday night is delayed by 10 MINUTES tonite to make room for The Duttons and Iowa this Week's State Fair Special.
And if you hadn't heard, Neverwhere starts tonite too!






Red Dwarf

Waiting for God

Rimmer is excited about an "alien" pod found floating in space but Lister finds out that he's the ancient God of the cat people. So while Lister comforts a dying cat priest Rimmer is creating a new mythology about the Quagaaaars, the alien race who will give him a new body.



Dr Who

The Time Monster 6 of 6

The Master learns too late the full dangers of unleashing the Chronovore as it goes on an Atlantis smashing rampage. Of course taking Jo hostage seemed liek a good idea, but while the Doctor threatens a deadly Time Ram only Jo has the selflessness to carry it out.



Dr Who

The Three Doctors 1 of 4

A terrifyingly powerful force is draining the Time Lords energy rendering one of the most powerful races in the universe nearly helpless. Thier only hope is that the Doctor can help them. Too bad he's got problems of his own what with a faster than light lightnning flash, dissapearing people and a blob of antimatter hunting him down.





Meet Richard Mayhew, average joe. Meet Door, a mysterious girl on the run from sadistic killers. Watch Richards life get flushed down the toilet when he comes to Doors aid and she leaves him in the lerch.





Richard Mayhew, finds himself trapped in "London Below" with a kife to his throat. He's desperate to find a way out and hoping that Door and the Marquis can help, but he'll have to escape the Rat Speakers and cross Kightsbridge first.

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