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August 6th






Red Dwarf

Balance of Power

Life is getting Lister down but he has a plan. All he has to do is convince Arnold to shut himself off for a while to recreate Kristine Kochanski. Like Rimmer is going to allow that!
My all time favorite Cat scene is tonite featuring The Cat and a helpful Food dispenser. Fish!



Dr Who

The Time Monster 4 of 6

Good old Atlantis isn't all it's cracked up to be... Or maybe you could say good old Atlantis is about to be cracked up as the Master conspires against good King Darius to gain control of Atlantis in order to unleash the power of Kronos.



Dr Who

The Time Monster 5 of 6

Having only had partial luck with the Kronos crystal Fragment, the Master uses the Doctor & Jo to track down the real Cyrstal while he gets Galeia(sp) to help overthrow the King.



Blakes 7


Orac seems to have tracked down the infamous Blake, but getting in touch with him could prove more costly than anyone could guess.
As the final show in the series, Blake poses as many questions as it answers and is widely open for interpretation.

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