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July 30th






Red Dwarf

Future Echos

Holly's trying his best to cope with Red Dwarf breaking the speed of light, honest. But not even his awesome intelect can cope with the future echos that seem to spell out Listers death.



Dr Who

The Time Monster 2 of 6

The Master seems to have taken a liking to old Altlantean Myths. Myths that he beleives cam make him the ruler of the entire Cosmos. Of course he knows the myths are real and enslaving Chronos the Chronovore is his key to fame & fortune.



Dr Who

The Time Monster 3 of 6

The Doctor is hot on the masters trail now trying to thwart him at every turn. You'd think UNIT would be some help, but even hauling the TARDIS around seems beyond them :)



Blakes 7


The Fedrations Pacification Drug is forcing Avon to form alliances. HE hopes to bring togeather several independent empires to mas produce an anti-toxin. Of course there's a traitor around, and Servelan is pulling the strings, but throw in a quirky radioactive virus & the show might turn out to be some fun after all!

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