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July 23rd






Red Dwarf

The End

It's almost like going back in time... Season 1 Episode 1 is finally here!
Say hello to Red Dwarf, meet the crew, learn of thier untimely demise & find out how Lister became the last man in the universe.



Dr Who

The Mutants 6 of 6

Everything comes to a head as the Doctor is forced to outwit his adversaries aboard Skybase in order to save the Solonians. Thankfully the freshly mutated Ky is around to back the ol' Doc up & pull Jo's fanny from the, radiation.



Dr Who

The time Monster 1 of 6

Even though the Doctor has a bad dream in effect prophesying the return of the master he takes no interest whatsoever in the Birgadeers trip to see Professor Thaskullus(sp) and his TARDIS like creation - TOMTIT



Blakes 7


With three shows left, Avon & Villa are after a crooked professors armageddon weapon, the Tachyon Funnel! Unfortunatly for Villa, Orac tags along...

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