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July 16th






Red Dwarf

Only the Good

Arnold is getting ready to die again, he just doesn't know it. As if being threatened by a vending machine and winding up in an alternate dimension wasn't clue enough.



Dr Who

The Mutants 4 of 6

The Doctor is forced to resist the sinister mechanations of the marshall who still wants to kill all the Mutts, even though The Doc & Sondergard (with a little help from the Time Lords) Have discovered the cause and purpose of the mutations.



Dr Who

The Mutants 5 of 6

Jo, Ky & Sondergard are being held prisoner which doesn't help the Docs case with the newly arrived Earth officials. Of course he Marshall isn't just holding them hostage, he's also arranged to have them killed by a massive ammount of radiation!



Blakes 7


4 shows left & Avon is inspecting plasic covered Xerox machines...
Seriously though, there's a shipment of gold heading to the Federation that is just ripe for the picking, but it's obviously a trap... right?

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