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July 9th






Red Dwarf

Pete pt.2

Pete, the bird turned T-Rex is on the rampage & he swallowed the only thing that can stop him. Can a Cow Vindaloo be the cure?



Dr Who

The Mutants 2 of 6

The Marshall is really doing his best to thwart the independence of Solos, what with having Earth representatives killed in between hunting mutants and planning to alter the entire planets atmosphere! Can the ol' Sondergaard really help?



Dr Who

The Mutants 3 of 6

Could the radiation in the caves where Sondergard is hanging out have something to do with the rampant Mutations? Can anyone figure out what the Timelords Care Package means & if so will that help thwart the Marshall?



Blakes 7


Servelan is hot on the trail of a yet another new special element for the Federation. This time the discovery may kill her unless she can keep Tarrant from doing her in first

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