Program Schedule
October 2nd

10:30 StarGazer    
10:35 Red Dwarf The Last Day A homing pod arrives with dire news for Kryten. With orders to dismantle himself within 24 hours, Kryten is about to realize his lifelong dream and go to Silicon Heaven. Hope seems bleak for everyones favorite mechanoid... so it must be time to party!
Remember: "It's not a good night unless you get a traffic cone!"
Looks like Red Dwarf will be repeated on Saturday nights 11:25pm after the 2nd episode of The New Red Green Show
11:05 Dr Who The Silurians
episode 4 of 7
Well the "secret" is out, the Silurians are the ones behind the whole mess. Not exactly a shocking revalation, but still pertinent since they plan to reclaim the Earth for themselves!
11:30 Dr Who The Silurians
episode 5 of 7
The Brigs in trouble & the Doc has to bail him out, but will it all be for naught as the Silurians unleash thier ultimate weapon?!?!?!
11:55 Blakes 7 Bounty While Blake & Cally are off trying to convince a deposed leader to rejoin his people,the Liberator runs afoul of bounty hunters.
WHEN wil these people learn not to go help every distressed ship in space?!?!?

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