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September 25th

10:30 StarGazer    
10:35 Red Dwarf Timeslides Mutated photo developer provides a portal to the past giving Dave & Rimmer the perfect opportunity to eradicate their currently meaningless and painfully dull present lives by tampering with the past.
The show ends with a bang as one of Rimmers greatest wishes comes true :)
Looks like Red Dwarf will be repeated on Saturday nights 11:25pm after the 2nd episode of The New Red Green Show
11:05 Dr Who The Silurians
episode 2 of 7
The Doctor finds something in the caves under the atomic research center & the Brigadier decides to do some spelunking. In true Dr Who fashion, that means Liz will be the one in danger ;) In danger of being drooled on anyway... Yowza!
Has anyone else noticed who Hawkins bears a striking resemblance to?
11:30 Dr Who The Silurians
episode 3 of 7
With UNIT Having flushecd out a Silurian, the Doctor goes diplomatic and makes the first contact... well first CIVIL contact, with Earths original tennants.
That's right, Hawkins is Paul Darrow, probably better known as Avon from Blakes 7!
11:55 Blakes 7 Breakdown Gan is in the spotlight tonight as his surgically implanted limiter goes FZZZZT!! Of course you can imagine how tough it can be to find decent medical attention when you're one of federations most wanted criminals.

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