Program Schedule
September 4th

10:30 StarGazer    
10:35 Red Dwarf Marooned Holy spots 5 black holes and makes everyone abandon ship. Rimmer and Lister run into a bit of trouble and Lister is forced to make one of the most frighteningly unthinkable choices ever. Trapped on a frozen moon, freezing to death and straving, a can of doog food and a pot nodle his only source of nourishment... which would you eat first?
11:05 Dr Who The War Games
episode 10 of 10
Having called on the Time Lords for help in settling the matter of the War Games, the Doctor is captured and put on trial for disobeying the first law...
Talk about a packed last episode for Patrick Troughton, revalations about his past make way for drastic change in the programms format.
11:30 Dr Who Spearhead from Space
episode 1 of 4
Jon Pertwee takes over tonite, as the TARDIS lands amidst a shower of meteors. Trapped on Earth with some post-regenerative trauma, it's a good thing UNIT and the Brigadier are around to help.
11:55 Blakes 7 Mission to Destiny Time for an old fashioned mystery.
Why is an old Galaxy Class cruiser circling in space? Why are the crew all unconscious? Who killed the pilot? And why do Blake & Company always stumble on strange ships drifting in space?

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