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August 21st

Ok, I'm only going to say it one last time, because now I KNOW I'm right...
Blakes 7 is NOT ON THIS week.
B7 will return NEXT week at 11:55.

10:30 StarGazer    
10:35 Red Dwarf Parallel Universe After last weeks prank, Holly goes all out to prove his genius by inventing the HOL HOP DRIVE which lets Red Dwarf and crew jump into a parallel dimension.
Who they find on the other side isn't nearly as much of a shock as to what happens to Lister... But it's still well shocking nevertheless.
11:05 Dr Who The War Games
episode 6 of 10
Say you want a revolution? Thanks to Zoe's amazing memory and some time zone barrier tweeking, the Resistance begins taking shape.
11:35 Dr Who The War Games
episode 7 of 10
With the resistance causing all sorts of mischef, can the Doctor really be planning to Betray them?
The War Chief thinks so, but then again he's also trying te get the Doctors help to pull a double whammy on the War Lord himself.
11:55 Blakes 7 Iowa State Fair COverage Maybe I just wanted to see B7 off the air for a week... I did try to convince everyone of it for two weeks running.
Maybe you'd better set the VCR just in case... I could be wrong again... boy I sure hope not...
Remember: next week B7 is back at 11:55!

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