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August 7 / August 8

Ok, NEXT week Friday Aug 14th Blakes 7 begins at 11:55pm... this week it's getting bumped for state fair coverage... Oh Joy! Pig Calling, Tapdancing, what homespun pleasure awaits?!?!!

10:30 StarGazer    
10:35 Red Dwarf Stasis Leak Remember how Lister got put in a Stasis Pod back in The End? Well even if you don't this stasis pod doesn't just freeze time, it opens a doorway into the past. Of course that means Lister gets a snootfull of paradox as he finds a pictue of his wedding. That hasn't happened right?
11:05 Dr Who The War Games
episode 2 of 10
Narowly escaping a firing squad the Doctor & Zoe have to rescue Jamie from a Prison Camp... they all wind up back in the hoosgow. Thier only hope of escape is to convice Lady Buckingham and Carstairs to lend a helping hand.
11:35 Dr Who The War Games
episode 3 of 10
Roman Leigons in world War I??? Thanks to the Docs safecracking skills the gang finds a big piece of the puzzle - the time zone map!
Did I mention they get captured again? At least it's by Germans this time.
And catch the cameo by the incomperable sonic screwdriver!
11:55 Blakes 7 State Fair Coverage Time Squad Has to wait a week gang... IPTV has some State Fair footage to show
Remember: next week B7 starts at 11:55! In the meantime, have a corndog for me!

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