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July 31 / August 1

They made an announcement about schedualling for Blakes 7 last Friday but I didn't catch it... I know it had to do with pre-emption for State Fair and also for starting it right after Dr.Who instead of waiting till 12:05, but I don't know which week is which... bear with me, I'll figure it out tonite.

10:30 StarGazer    
10:35 Red Dwarf Thanks for the Memory What starts as a celebration of Rimmers Deathday turns into a shocking mystery as the crew wakes to find that four days have passed and none of them remember what happened. Which wouldn't be unusual except that Lister and the cat each have a broken leg... and someone has finished Listers jigsaw puzzle!
No ordinary hangover this!
11:05 Dr Who The Seeds of Death
episode 6 of 6
Having sucessfully countered the menace of the overactive bubble machine the Doctor has to outwit the Ice Warriors with some telemetric chicanery!
(not to mention another good old fashioned rocket!)
11:35 Dr Who The War Games
episode 1 of 10
The Second Doctors days are numbered as we head into his "last" adventure.
The Tardis lands in the middle of what appears to be World War 1, but as per usual, appearances can be decieving. Clue #1: No one remembers how long they've been at war...
12:05 Blakes 7 Cygnus Alpha Well, Blake has a ship, but figuring out how to run it could be a little confusing... what he really needs is to complete the crew. So with some help from Zen, the Liberator heads for Cygnus Alpha where a religious cult, federation prisoners, and all sorts of fun are waiting.

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