Program Schedule
July 24/25

10:30 StarGazer    
10:35 Red Dwarf Better Than Life 3 million years behind schedule, a mail pod catches up with Red Dwarf. Rimmer gets a depressing letter concerning his father and a jeep before the whole gang winds up playing the most addictive game in the universe.
11:05 Dr Who The Seeds of Death
episode 4 of 6
The Ice Warriors have declared open season on humans as the Seeds of Death go to work. Proving there's a fine line between teraforming and terrorism...
11:35 Dr Who The Seeds of Death
episode 5 of 6
Solar energy emmiters in hand the Doctor Jamie & Zoe set about taking back controll of the weather buearau. Will the BBCs foam machine be able to keep up?
12:05 Blakes 7 Space Fall Blake seems ill equipped to take over the prison ship without some help. Thankfully he finds a different ship to take over... the Liberator!
Was it just the KYIN transmitter that went down last weekend? Wasn't particularly enjoyable to hear the "Please stay tuned for Blakes7" followed shortly thereafter by a blast of static...

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