Program Schedule
July 17/18

10:30 StarGazer    
10:35 Red Dwarf Kryten The title says it all... everyones favorite demented android makes his debut appearance. Let's hope he can keep the Dwarf boys in better shape than the ladies of the Nova 5!
11:05 Dr Who The Seeds of Death
episode 2 of 6
Intent on taking over the Earth the Ice Warriors have taken over T-mat controll on the Moon.
11:35 Dr Who The Seeds of Death
episode 3 of 6
The Doctor Jamie and Zoe take the fight to the Ice Warriors via good old fashoned Rocket. Yeah like that's a safe, sane idea!
12:05 Blakes 7 The Way Back Meet Roj Blake, a confused citizen who may be the most dangerous man in the entire Federation. Wether he likes it or not Blake is about to get sucker punched by destiny and the Federation is about to get a VERY big thorn in it's side.
Hang on folks B7 is starting all over again!

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